God's plan for the year 2017

2017 will be a year of the beginning of Biblical Prophecies

  • You will see a clear divide between those who seek the Lord and those who do not seek Him.
  • This divide will be experienced in the governance of the nations; in the media; in the businesses; in the cultural affairs; in educational institutions; in social gatherings; and even in sports.
  • Those who do not trust in the Lord shall gather together and shall become one force opposing those who trust in the Lord.
  • In 2017 those who seek the Lord shall have nothing or no one to put their trust on, in this world but the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • They will live only by following God’s plan for their life.
  • They shall be cared for by the Angels of God themselves.
  • God says that his sanctifying presence shall come upon his servants and shall set them free from all their enemies and they shall govern God's kingdom.
  • The organisations that carry the Lord faithfully shall gain strength and shall be a witness for the righteousness of God in the land. However, God will keep them humble always.

God's Plan for India

  • India will go through a period of absolute change in the governance of the Nation.
  • The governance of the land shall be based on the business culture and shall be focused towards growing new businesses.
  • The culture of the people shall change to accommodate all ritual and ideals consequently.
  • The governance of the central Government shall become strong and shall focus on good governance.
  • The government shall address the issues of climate change and developing natural resources.
  • There will be an impetus to increase power generation and to develop more energy sources in 2017.
  • The country will be quite on all sides and shall have rest.
  • Peace shall set in, in its borders as the focus will be on economic progress and so the country shall gain strength at all levels
  • The Lord said, to Pray for North of India.
  • Strong governments shall be established in the state Governments in North India.
  • And the gospel shall make inroads everywhere, the dignity of people who prophesied the name of the Lord shall rise. And the Lord shall be glorified among them.
  • Andhra Pradesh shall go through a testing time of drought.

God's Plan for South East Asia

South East Asia will experience the power of the Almighty God’s hand and the power shall be experienced amongst the people of each country in South East Asia.

  • The Lord says that he will govern the countries in the South East Asian region.
  • They will experience God’s Light.
  • And God’s Spirit shall descend in their hearts and His glory upon their lips.
  • The Governance of these countries shall become strong.
  • They shall put to fight the attacks that come up on their lands.
  • There shall be great cleansing in those countries by the humbling power of the Almighty God.
  • The names of these countries shall be made great and the Lord’s name shall be made great among them.

God's Plan for North & South Korea

  • These countries shall unite together to display Go's splendour among them.

God's Plan for Japan

  • The Lord shall provide his healing presence to Japan and its neighbouring countries.
  • They shall gather together and shall seek for God’s blessings.
  • The Lord will crown them with righteousness and success to gain to ground in the world affairs to enjoy and usher in peace and prosperity in the world.

God's Plan for Pakistan

  • Pakistan shall see a great revival of God’s love among the people.
  • God's peace shall reign supreme in its borders.
  • A quite shall come upon the people.
  • Natural resources shall be found in the land of Pakistan as this happens.

God's Plan for Azerbaijan

  • Azerbaijan shall experience God’s glory and grace and God’s revival power shall begin to operate in that country.
  • Deep rooted enmities shall disappear in Azerbaijan as the Holy Spirit gains ground there.
  • Rivers of Living water shall enrich the soil in that country and God’s great prosperity shall engulf the land.
  • Azerbaijan shall have peace in its borders.

God's Plan for Germany

  • Germany shall experience God’s light again as it shall go through a cleansing by the power of the Holy spirit.
  • Keep watching the South. It shall go through ruins and natural calamities but shall rise again to declare God’s glory.
  • Germany shall make peace with Israel.
  • Germany shall prosper with treasures of godliness and wealth once again.

God's Plan for Norway

  • Norway shall have Gloom set on its borders, the borders which have peace now.
  • Manufacturing technology need to be begun there to gain peace.
  • The Lord is already at the gates of the country of Norway and its neighbours.
  • He is at its doorsteps to call the people of the nation out of their sluggishness.

God's Plan for Africa

  • There will be genocide happening in different places in Africa.
  • It is then amidst those calamities that God’s face shall begin to shine once again in a glorious way in those countries.
  • The countries in Africa shall engage in PRAYER then and shall begin to have concern and compassion for the poor in their nations.
  • Everyone of their fortress of prayers shall be turned into granaries of hope and goodwill, for all people to be fed. God says I’ll engage them speedily in this mission.
  • The marketplaces in Africa will be full of God’s people and God's servants.
  • They Shall rule the Market.

God's Plan for USA

  • USA shall gain power and wealth again.
  • But then it will begin to fail in its policies for success as it would give up its stand on Biblical beliefs.
  • It is then God’s hand will be taken away from its Governance.
  • Infighting shall lead to its destruction and political correctness and gender issues shall set in again.
  • Everyone’s hope will then be shattered, there will be evils among the people even molestation in large numbers.
  • But it is then the Holy Spirit will come up on the nation to rid America from all uncleanliness.
  • The Children shall cry out to God and the Holy Spirit shall fill them and they shall rise up with great authority under the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome these evils that come upon them.
  • Super domes shall crash in the United States.
  • Lord showed me even the US Dollar will be shaken.
  • But then the Money power shall be only with those elect who carry the name of the Lord.
  • Then the nation shall humbly acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • The Lord will inch closer to them through all these
  • Then the nation shall humbly acknowledge Me. I'll inch closer to them through all these.

Truly this is going to be a year when the evil shall rise all across the world. The evil will stand up against God's will and against those who are committed to do God's will, but then the Lord will show a clear difference between those who seek him and those who do not.
And this year the Lord will provide everything to make those who seek him to survive in this world according to Philippians 4:19.

My God shall supply all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.