(Acts 2:17-22)

God has given Dr. Paul Dhinakaran three amazing plans which are to establish a Prayer Operation Centre, Prayer Media Centre and Prayer Training Centre in order to accomplish this goal that is set before the Jesus Calls ministry.


At this proposed centre, the following divisions will be established:

i. To serve the people according to their needs we will be sending the people who connect with us for prayer related messages by the Dhinakarans, the right prayer pertaining to their need and comforting songs in their respective languages from the huge Jesus Calls digital library (still being built) for them to get connected to the Lord Jesus until they experience Him and are ready to be empowered to pray for others. This will be backed up by Artificial Intelligence.

ii. Ministry to Families to establish a blessed & Godly family life.

iii. Ministry to the young people to have a U turn in their life and become UTurners.

iv. Ministry to the children by providing them with newly produced videos and teaching materials and systems to learn God's word.

v. Ministry to business persons & those in ministry as well as those running Institutions.


At this centre, there would be excellent training facilities established with library resources and accommodations with boarding.

i. Here 'Trainers' from across the nation would be trained and raised from each area of the nation and eventually the globe where different languages are spoken. They would minister alongside the Dhinakarans to meet the prayer needs of the millions.

ii. Also the Prayer Academy, Partners Training Program, Staff induction training and refresher programs, Evangelists' training program, Managerial training, Prayer Intercessors training for those going to pray at the National Prayer Tower, Israel Prayer Tower will be conducted with certification through full time Professional and Ministry Trainers.


A 20,000 SQ feet facility to house the new state of the art 4k video production Studios with virtual reality, Data management centre, video archiving centre, social media content development and production facility, a full-fledged IT, software development, networking, data operations & archiving, digital management facility, global communications management technology network & manage media productions for several TV as well as Social media channels & a few hundred staff.

The Prayer Operations Centre, the Prayer Training Centre & the Prayer Media Centre would be 61,540 square feet project with a total cost of Rs. 12 Crores.

Also, if led by the Lord, you or your loved ones or friends are most welcome to join us as full-time staff in media, IT, social media, digitization, artificial intelligence, operations, prayer ministries and many other services. Please send in your resume to: [email protected] or log onto the Jesus Calls website. I pray that the Lord will lead you and guide you.

Here is a testimony of a dear sister who has been blessed by sponsoring this project:

Blessing of own house

For years I had dreamed of owning my own home, but all my efforts were in vain. Then I came across the Prayer Operation Centre and their appeal to sow seeds for the construction of the Prayer Towers. The promise given was that by contributing, God would bless us with our own homes. With faith in the Lord Almighty, I too gave my offering, believing that, “as I give this offering to God’s House, surely God will build my house.” To my surprise, God answered my prayers and helped us purchase our own home. This miracle happened only after giving my offering for POC. I am grateful to God and praise Him for His blessings, and I also thank Dr. Paul Dhinakaran and the entire team of Jesus Calls Ministry. Glory to God.

Valarmathi, Trichy

Have you ever wanted to experience supernatural blessings like Sis.Valarmathi? Well, now you can by sowing in faith into this ministry.

My share in the construction of these Centres (kindly tick your choice)

I would like to support:

  • I am donating Rs. 4,000/- ($ 50) for 1 sq. ft

  • I am donating Rs. 20,000/- ($ 250) for 5 sq. ft

  • I am donating Rs. 40,000/- ($ 500) for 10 sq. ft

  • I am donating Rs. ..................../- ($.............) for ................ sq. ft.

To sponsor a particular facility:

  • I am donating Rs. 3 lakhs ($ 3750)

  • I am donating Rs. 1 lakh ($ 1250)

  • I am donating Rs. ................ ($.................)

  • I am donating Rs.800 for 10 bricks ($ 10)

  • I am donating Rs.4000 for 50 bricks ($ 50)

  • I am donating Rs.8000 for 100 bricks ($ 100)

  • * I am donating Rs. ....................for ...........bricks ($..................for …..…..... Bricks)

Be a part of this great mission and be a blessing to others