My precious friend, may God bless you richly this month and may He grant you the desires of your heart. May all your beginnings have a fruitful end. May you experience abundant blessings which overflow in excess as it occurred in the days of Jesus. When He blessed the five loaves, it multiplied to feed 5,000 men, women and children and there were 12 baskets remaining even after everyone was satisfied.

May God give you such a grace this month.  
For the first time, you will have excess and it will be stored up. You will have 12 different blessings, 12 different graces and God will honour you granting 12 different pillars of your life.
Become the Crown

This month, the Lord has promised;
The Lord has promised that 'you' will become a crown of splendor and a royal diadem in the hand of the Lord.  He will honour you and crown you before everyone ‘for the Lord takes delight in you.’ Let us understand that He will not put a crown on your head nor will He place a diadem atop your head, however, you will 'become' the crown and the diadem adorning the hand of God; the hand of God which moves and carries the whole world; the hand of God which came upon Elijah that made him run before the chariots of King Ahab; the hand of the Lord which came against the Philistine enemies and saved his people; the hand of Jesus that multiplied the bread; the hand of Jesus which healed the sick; the hand of Jesus which carried the little children; the hand of Jesus that calmed the storms; the hand of Jesus which raised the dead; the hand of Jesus which blessed the disciples as He ascended to heaven.

You will be carried as a crown in these same hands. You will be in God’s hand to adorn our Lord Jesus. You will not adorn mere kings, instead, you will adorn the King of Kings. My dear friend, you may say, I am a simple and a  poor person in this world, I am despised because I follow Jesus. But in the eyes of the Lord, you are honoured. He says, “You have been honoured in my sight and you are a delight to me” (Isaiah 43:4). You need to thank and praise Him as He has made you a crown. Just as the Bible says, in Psalm 139:14, 'you have been created fearfully and wonderfully by God' as the crown on the head of a King. 

The most skilled workman wrought to make that crown meticulously perfect in every way. Therefore, He will use gold in its most pure form to bring forth the best of diadems. The diadem will have the best of the world’s gems which God has placed in you; holiness, faith in God, humility, God’s peace, the Holy Spirit’s gifts and grace, the fruits of the Spirit and all this have made you a crown in the hand of God.

Remember that Jesus is in you. He is the greatest diamond which shines in you. You are the crown that brings Jesus to the world. God has kept you in His hands to be a crown before everyone. So, do not be afraid.

Authority of the Crown
Secondly, the crown brings authority with it. When a person is adorned with the crown, he is the one who declares the laws of the country. Whatever he proclaims is law, and everyone in the country is asked to follow it. You are given the authority through the Holy Spirit to speak God’s love and God’s miracle into the lives of everyone whom God has chosen to bless through you. What you say, God will confirm through signs, wonders, and miracles (Mark 16:20).

As the crown comes upon the person who is made a king or a queen, they forget their desires. The needs of the people come foremost into their hearts. They will speak words on behalf of the government of the country. All that a monarch can think about is what the country provides to the people, how people ought to live according to their laws and how to protect people from their enemies. That which comes from the mouth of the king or queen who wears the crown or the diadem is taken as the law of the land. You will hear God’s voice as you receive the crown. As you become the crown of God, you will speak God’s plan and prophesy as stated in Acts 2:17, ‘I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and daughters will prophesy.'

When you become the crown of God, you will speak of God’s plan with authority that comes upon you. God will open your eyes to see His plan for your family, for your life and for your country. Just as a king never criticises his people, you will never criticise your government, the people who worship with you and your family. However, if your eyes are closed, you will criticise everyone and speak against them but when you are the crown of God, your eyes will be open, and you will know everything. God will give you the grace to know His mind and His heart. You will prophesy His will to the nation, your family and God will make it come to pass. 

In 2014, the Lord showed me the nations of the world will rally with India and it’s Prime Minister. On 1st January 2017, the Lord said, “North Korea and South Korea will come together; My glory will come upon those nations, and then My hand will come upon China. China and India will come together.” You will see this happen in the coming days and a new currency will be introduced into the world. The healing power of God will flow across China and India. God’s healing power will come upon the nations and then God will touch Russia. Russia will rally the Middle East and the Arab countries; Russia and these Arab countries will make peace with Israel which will be a miracle. The enemy countries of  Israel will bring their embassy to Jerusalem. Today America, the friendly country has opened its embassy in Jerusalem, but Russia and the Arab nations will make peace with Israel and bring their embassy to Jerusalem too; these enemy countries will make peace with Israel and will make Israel place its headquarters on Mount Zion in Jerusalem. Today, the whole world is fighting for that land in Mount Zion. There is an Arab shrine situated there but you will see the Israel headquarters being established next to this shrine and the golden gate will open. The Lord told me that the enemies will make peace with Israel and India will prosper. Mighty miracles and healings will occur in the name of Jesus across the nation and will spread to China. This is the future. We are God’s crown and no man can stop it just as God enabled us to establish the Prayer Tower in Israel. India made peace with Israel after that. Our Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi flew to Jerusalem and signed a peace treaty; a cooperation treaty with Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel.  We are the crown that can prophesy God’s plan to the nations of the world. God is giving you that grace. Be of good cheer and enter into that grace. Ask God to give you a prophetical anointing, then you will be God’s crown to the world speaking God’s plan and God’s law to the nations, to the people, to your own family and your own life. 

Justice of the Crown
Lastly, when you are the crown of splendor in the Lord’s hand, you will not be deserted anymore. You will be married, and you will have joy. Your family will be together and will enjoy a joyous family life. This is your blessing for the future. 

To conclude, we read in Isaiah 28:5-6, ‘..the Lord of hosts will be for a crown of glory and a diadem of beauty to the remnant of His people, for a spirit of justice to him who sits in judgment” He will bring justice into your life. Whatever you have lost, He will give it back and you will regain everything. You will be made a crown with all the blessings on your life.

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Father, I pray that these blessings come upon every partner. Lord, honour them this month with this blessing and transform them to be a crown in your hands. Let Your glory come upon them every day and let joy fill their hearts in the midst of their sorrows. Give them your joy, and I pray that the gifts of the spirit which is in them will rise up, and shine like diamonds. Let all their sufferings end today and let the prophetic word from God begin to operate and shine. Lord, let wisdom come from heaven above, and guidance from the Holy Spirit. Let them begin to prosper and let the world hear God’s voice through them. Lord, let us guide the nations, guide the people, and guide the family. To know the plan you have for everyone with compassion and love, open our eyes and hearts of understanding. Let there be no more desertion; we should be kings and queens who know Your will and enjoy it. Lord, let our family lives be full of joy; let the nations rejoice over us, the demons bowed out of our lives, and God’s salvation flow through us. Lord, bless your children. Let there be great peace in their lives and let all the crowning blessing come upon them with no more losses. All that they have been waiting for should come to them in double measure. Let your blessings overflow. Lord, thank You for doing this and we claim this blessing for Jesus Calls, Karunya, Seesha, and for all the partners of the ministry in Jesus’ name. Amen.

We pray for you and your family regularly. If you need any prayer support, feel free to write to me at paul@jesuscalls.org or mail to Dr. Paul Dhinakaran, no.16 D.G.S. Dhinakaran Road, Chennai-28.

I will intercede for you and write back to you with God’s word. Have a blessed month!

With much love and prayers,
Your loving brother,
(Dr. Paul Dhinakaran)