... For I am the lord who heals you.- Exodus 15:26

Our Loving Lord,You are the source of wisdom and there is nothing hidden from You. There is nothing impossible with You. Lord, where medical science fails, Your power starts. Lord, people tell me that I am suffering with an undiagnosed sickness. It may be beyond human wisdom to find it and to cure it Lord. But I believe that no situation is beyond You. So, I request You to heal me from this disease and set me free so that I will be a living witness for Your existence, love and compassion.Lord, let the doctors be amazed at my healing as much as they were amazed at my disease that was beyond diagnosis.I believe Your words and Your love, and so, I thank You for the healing that has begun in me in response to this prayer. I ask this in the prayer-answering name of our Lord Jesus Christ.Amen.

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