Instead of your shame you shall have double honor - Isaiah 61:7

Dear Father!You know the state of my mind. I am in utter misery. The question "Why" assails my mind and I do not know why this misfortune happened in my life.Yet Lord Your word says that all things work together only for the good. Let me derive consolation from this O Lord! I feel so humiliated, insulted and hurt. I have lost faith in humanity. Heal my broken heart and let me overcome this unpleasant experience. Master I am silently shedding tears and I am unable to face the society. Strengthen me to face the world boldly and bind my wounded heart with Your love, mercy and compassion.Lord! As I look up to You, let Your light shine upon me and let me see happy days. Restore my joy by sending me the right partner through Your angel. Instead of this shame honour me in double portion and fill my mouth with laughter. Let all my sighs and sorrows vanish. I know You will do it because those who trust in You will never be put to shame. I give all the glory. In Jesus' name.Amen.

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