Create in me a clean heart, o god, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.- Psalm 51:10

Dear Father!I am not worthy to stand by Your throne of Grace! Yet Lord trusting in Your abundant mercy I have come to You.The Scripture says that You are able to aid those who are tempted. Lord! I am in an age where I can easily become a pry to satanic snares. I am just not able to resist the unwanted thoughts that haunt my mind quite often. Somehow filthy thoughts creep into my mind and hamper my day-to-day life as well as my walk with You. I crave Your forgiveness for all my sinful thoughts.Lord! Grant me Your Holy Spirit who alone can burn the roots of sin in my heart. Help me to meditate Your words more and more so that I can guard my heart and mind and walk safely in Your way. I am just of the flesh O Lord! Whom do I have beside You to help me overcome this sinful nature in me! You never forsake those who come to You! Show mercy on me so that I can flee the lusts of the flesh. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit and make my body the temple of the Holy Spirit. Take full control of my thoughts and let Your power rule over me.I thank You for helping me and strengthening me to lead a victorious life. In Jesus' name - I pray.Amen.

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