Q1. What is this event “12 days of Christmas”?
A1. The 12 days or The Twelvetide, is a festive season to celebrate the nativity of Jesus Christ. It’s a season of gifts, being merry with family and loved ones, munch on Christmas puddings and cakes. And jingle your way to the New Year, with Hope, Love and Happiness. We are celebrating this christmas season with lot of fun filled online events, under the same tag “12 days of Christmas”.

Q2.  Significance of this Christmas event?
A2. To magnify the birth of Jesus Christ, share the joyful message behind Christmas, and to share the warmth & love of Christ.

Q3.  How is it being celebrated by Jesus Call Ministry?
A3. Various fun-filled activities are organized, viz. art, rubric, photography and much more, from 7th -25th Dec. Your work station for all activity will be Jesus call facebook page, except for one which will be via website. Your timings are from 10am -10 pm of the next day.

Q4.  Where do I register?
A4. Kindly go to our website, www.jesuscalls.org, to fill the registration form Register and get started.

Q5.  How to participate for the event?
A5. Once you’re done with the registration, you will receive a confirmation email, which has the link to the event page.

Q6. How to upload my activity?
A6. Each day, there will be event notification and the specific hashtags will be given. You need to use that particular hashtags for that particular event and submit your work on your facebook timeline.

Q7.  Is it a contest? What is the criteria to get my activity selected?
A7. No, it’s not a contest. It’s a Christmas spree, to be blessed and be a blessing to others, and carry the message of Hope, Love, Joy. You will be screened by the hashtags given to you. For every event, surprise gifts are there for the winners (based on the hashtag screening).
For those who participate in all the events, a surprise bonanza awaits - Chance to be picked for live event on 29th Dec.

Q8. What’s so special about the live event on 29th December? What is the real award of these events?
A8. If selected, On 29th Dec, 2017, you get the golden opportunity to meet The Dhinakarans, personally, in Chennai. This will be a live personal event where you can meet & interact with the Dhinakarans. They will also pray for you individually.

Q9. Unable to register or difficult to upload your activity?
A9. Kindly contact us on: digitalevents@jesuscalls.org