Great are the wonders our Lord is doing among His children! The Lord had graciously led His children through the year 2018 and brought them to a fresh start in 2019. The New Year Special Blessing Meet was organized at Wings Convention Centre, YMCA, Royapettah, Chennai, to declare the promise of God for the year 2019. As The Lord promised in the year 2018, He has graciously crowned His children with His glory. Thousands of people gathered at the venue to thank The Lord for the New Year and to receive their blessings. Several renowned servants of God were in attendance at the New Year Special Blessing Meet.

Stella Ramola led the gathering in praise and worship. The presence of God enveloped the premises bringing great joy to the people. Many received the anointing of the Holy Spirit during the time of worship. Stella Ramola encouraged the gathering to give thanks to The Lord for all that He has done in the past year and is yet to do in the New Year 2019.

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran along with his family invited the pastors, bishops and reverends to rejoice with the thousands who gathered by cutting a cake. Pastor D. Mohan (Senior Pastor of NLAG) prayed for the upcoming year and blessed the gathering. He prophetically declared that The Lord is going to do great and mighty things in this New Year. The Dhinakarans cut the 30 feet cake along with the servants of God for the glory of the Lord and for God’s blessings to come upon our nation, churches, family and in our spirit.   

God enabled the Jesus Calls Ministries to inaugurate the book named “The Divine Holy Spirit” written by our beloved Sister Stella Dhinakaran. Rev. Bishop Sunder Singh prayed and dedicated the book for the glory of God. The very first copy was handed over to Mrs. Dr. Soundaravalli and was then gifted to the ministers of God present on the dais. The book is assured to bless its readers with deep thoughts on the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran conveyed his warm wishes for the year 2019 to the gathering and he further declared the promise of God for the year. The Lord commanded him to declare His promise for His children from 1 John 3:8, “The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work.” According to the promise Dr. Paul expounded his message encouraging the gathering to trust The Lord and witness His marvellous deeds manifest in their lives. Thousands of people who had gathered, praised God as Dr. Paul proclaimed that The Lord has gone before us in the year 2019 to destroy the works of the devil.  They were greatly encouraged to know that The Lord has prepared the year 2019 to rejoice in His presence and witness the marvellous things that He has kept in store for His children.  

Unrestrained joy and divine peace filled each and everyone as they listened to the Word of God. People gave their hearts to The Lord as Dr. Paul prophetically declared that God will use His children who are redeemed by the blood of Jesus to crush the head of Satan. The gathering was blessed tremendously and thanked the Lord for all His promises. Dr. Paul Dhinakaran then prayed an anointed prayer, blessing the gathering and pleading The Lord to bring healing and deliverance.

Sister Evangeline, Samuel Paul and Sister Stella Dhinakaran prayed to The Lord to bless His children and deliver them out of the clutches sin, sorrow and bondages. Many received the gifts of the Holy Spirit and many witnessed their sickness being removed from them. God filled them all with His peace and restored their joy. Nearly half a million people watched the New Year Special Blessing Meet over television and through social media. Jesus Calls Ministry is thankful to all the organizers, pastors and leaders who supported in making this meeting a great blessing to thousands.
Event Date: Tuesday, January 1, 2019

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