God’s Power Witnessed!

God is continuing to work in the state of Odisha as the Dhinakarans tirelessly ministered in several cities. Mighty things are being witnessed all over the region. The Festival of Peace is a Synod Convention which was held at Daringbadi, Kandhamal District, Odisha, which was organized by the Diocese of Phulbani (CNI), on the 10th & 11th of Nov. 2018.

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran and Sis. Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran was overwhelmed by the rousing welcome they received at their arrival in Kandhamal, by the organizing committee, volunteers and the large public gathering. It was evident how the people loved God as they greeted His servant with much respect. The hearts of the Dhinakarans were moved to see people longing to witness the work of God in their lives. The people were hungry to hear the word of God and were eager to be anointed by the Holy Spirit. Dr. Paul prayed that God bless them abundantly and their hearts be open to receiving His loving-kindness.

It was a wonderful sight to see thousands of people thronging to this small hilly town in different directions, some even walking more than 5 kms of distance from their villages. People started coming into the town from 9th Nov onwards.  On the day of the meeting, there was a beeline of vans, buses, and two-wheelers. The venue got filled up by 3 pm. God was so compassionate to the people of Kandhamal. Over one lakh people who came for the meeting witnessed the power of God that brought deliverance, healing, and peace. 

Our Lord crushed the powers of the wicked one! The presence of God engulfed the powers and principalities of that land. As our Lord Jesus had said in John 12:24 "Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds." Dr. Paul and Sis. Evangeline praised God for the land began to reap its harvest in plenty. They considered it a privilege for them to ignite the people with the Word of God to receive Eternal Life.

There was a large contingent of CNI Bishops, Synod and Diocesan leaders from almost 10 major CNI dioceses that participated in the festival. Meetings were presided by the office bearers of the CNI Synod - Most Rev. Dr. P.C. Singh-Moderator; Rt. Rev. Probal Dutta- Dy. Moderator; Mr. Alwan Masih-Gen. Secretary and Mr. Jayant Aggarwal -Hon. Treasurer. 
Rt. Rev. B.K. Nayak, Bishop of CNI Phulbani Diocese was the Convener of the Peace Festival. 

Mighty miracles were seen during the two-day meetings. A combined worship service was held on the 11th morning, and thousands participated and were blessed. The hunger and determination of the people of Kandhamal (Odisha) to know Jesus and to receive a miracle without looking at the weather or the time of the day, moved the hearts of the Dhinakarans and along with them, they cried unto Lord Jesus to pour down His Holy Spirit. It was a wonderful sight to see the entire crowd committing their lives and being filled with Holy Spirit.  As God honors faith more than sacrifice, the people had placed their prayer requests and oil in front of the dais to be anointed by the power of the Holy Spirit with unwavering faith. Dr. Paul and the other saints of God on the dais prayed and anointed it in the name of Jesus.  

God did wonders among the people of Kandhamal. Every single person witnessed the glory of God that came upon them. God brought about a revival in that land. The gathering received the joy of the Lord and His blessings as our God did marvelous things among them. God is working wonders in the lives of people even after the meetings ended. As the Word of God is sowed in their hearts, Jesus Calls Ministry is certain that His Word will grow and have a bountiful harvest for the Kingdom of Heaven. 
Event Date: Saturday, November 10, 2018

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