Frequently Asked Questions

What is this WPC and what is the significance of going to Israel?

WPC (World Prayer Convention) is a ministerial event, conducted every year to fulfil the vision that God had been impressing upon Late Dr. D.G.S Dhinakaran and Dr. Paul Dhinakaran to lead people to Israel and to pray, pronounce peace and prepare the World for the second coming of The Lord Jesus Christ.

When is this conducted and what are the Packages Available?

Usually this is conducted every year. This year WPC is scheduled from 21st May 2019 onwards and goes on as per the duration of the packages available.
The packages are:
Package 1: Total Days : 9D/8N (3 days Convention Prayer and 4 days Prayer Tour)
Cost : Rs. 99,000 only
Place : Places related to Jesus Ministry. (Only Israel)
Package 2: Total Days : 12 D/11N (3 days Convention Prayer and 9 days Prayer Tour)
Cost : Rs. 1,25,000 only
Place : Israel, Jordan and Egypt

There are various tour operators taking people to Holy Land Tour, what is the difference with Jesus Calls?

First of all, Jesus Calls is a ministerial organisation and we do not gain anything in any sort commercially.
Yes, there are many tour operating agencies taking people to the Holy Land Tour but the difference is, Jesus Calls arranged tour focuses on the 'World Prayer Convention' which is spiritually revitalising and stimulating to the people. Along with WPC we also plan for enabling travellers from India to visit The Holy Land.

What would be the Tour Itinerary?

The teams would be moving from India on 19th or 20th of May and would join the WPC from 21st to 23rd May. Thereafter, they would be escorted to the tour sites as mentioned in the packages. Such as, WPC package - prayer tour to significant sites and WPC full tour - visit to Israel, Jordan and Egypt.

What are the Documents Required?

The Documents required by the Ministry of Interiors, Israel for filing VISA are as follows:
1. Scanned copy of first and last page of the passport in colour.
2. Scanned copy of Aadhaar card in colour.
3. Scanned copy of PAN card in colour.
4. Soft copy of Passport Photograph in colour.
5. Filled in registration forms. (Two set)

What is the Minimum and Maximum age limit for WPC?

Since this is a serious event of prayer it will be better to take candidates above the age of 18. Parents with their children of any age are exceptionally permitted. At the same time the upper limit set is 70 years of age. This upper limit is set to make sure that everyone travelling for WPC would be able to manage their own affairs without depending on anybody.

How can I register for WPC?

Registering to WPC is a left hand game.
1. Please visit your nearest Prayer Tower.
2. Submit the documents and filled in registration forms provided by the Prayer Towers. (We would follow the scrutinizing and verification process of the documents)
3. Deposit Rs.5000/- as an initial down payment and send the proof of payment along with the filled in registration forms and documents to
4. After the verification process, we would contact you to make the remaining payment. Or If the Prayer Tower is not located nearby, call 6380752303 for further guidance.

Is there any instalments Facility available?

Yes, we do have instalment facility where you can pay Rs 5000/- as an initial down payment and settle the total payment before 20th March 2019 as a deadline, after which the documents would be sent for VISA process.

Is there any last date for making the Registration?

Yes, the last date for registration is 20th March 2019.

Is travel Insurance a part of the tariff?

The Tariff covers the Travel Insurance for the candidates till the age of 69. Above 69 years of age, additional Insurance cost of Rs. 3500/- will be applicable.

After registration if I find myself unable to join WPC, will I get a refund?

Yes, you will get the full refund if your request for cancellation reaches us before the set deadline for registration i.e. 10th March 2019.
If the request for cancellation is made after 10th March 2019, in that case the refund policy by the travel agency 'TFMS' will be applicable, which would be made after deducting the Airfare, VISA charges and any other charges applicable.

Is Jesus Calls taking care of the Travel and other related Logistics?

Jesus Calls is the official organising body of the WPC. TFMS "True Friend Management Support Service Private Limited" takes care of all the Logistics and ground arrangements in Israel.

What are the Boarding points?

We have provided Six Boarding hubs as stated below:
1. Delhi
2. Mumbai
3. Kolkata
4. Chennai
5. Hyderabad
6. Bangalore