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Experience the Holy Land

The “World Prayer Convention - 2019" begins on 21st May - 27th May (3 days Convention and 4 days Prayer tour) in Israel and (3 days Convention and 9 days tour to Israel, Jordan & Egypt). World renowned Evangelists, Pastors and Worship leaders will be in attendance in leading the time of prayer for peace in Israel and also for universal harmony.
Participate in a time of Prayer and Prophecy by Dr. Paul Dhinakaran and Sis. Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran, as they share the Good News from the most Historic Places in Israel. They will be praying for all the nations to have peace, unity and prosperity to prevail in the entire world.

Explore The Holy Land

• Walk in the footsteps of Jesus.
• Get Baptized at River Jordan and experience the power of God on Galilee.
• Moments of mighty prayer and sight seeing of Holy places as dreams come true.
• Scenes from the Bible come alive by visiting the significant places where Jesus performed miracles, preached the Good News and rose from the dead.
• Pray at the Mount of Olives, where Jesus will return.
• Follows the paths of the cross to experience and rejoice at the empty tomb.

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World Prayer Convention

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran and Sis. Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran will lead the solemn time in prayer and proclaiming God's word. Together, they will be praying for the nations, peace, unity and prosperity to prevail. As you partake in this great event, we believe that God will speak His Promises and Will in your life.

Don’t miss the lifetime opportunity to have the first hand experience in the World Prayer Convention, and be part of the revival that will radiate God’s Glory through you to the whole world.


Testimony of Lily Rose Joseph who took part in World Prayer Convention 2018


It was an unforgettable experience for my husband and me as we participated in the World Prayer Convention and the Holy Land Tour in May 2018. We were blessed through Dr. Paul Dhinakaran and many servants of God. It was beneficial as we grew spiritually and had an awe-inspiring experience as we went along with the "jesus Calls" Team who took part in the Convention as well as the Tour. During the tour, we felt as if we are in heaven. while Dr. Paul Dhinakaran was preaching and leading in Prayer, I received many divine visions and also the divine touch of God's anointing and power. God's presence encompassed us as we visited the holy places and these encounters encouraged us to maintain a good relationship with the Lord. I truely believe that the World Prayer Convention was a lifetime blessing for us, as God miraculosly arranged our entire journey to the Holy Land. We were going through a severe financial crisis, But when we returned after participating in the world prayer convention, situations started to change miraculously. God graciously enabled us to build another new house which was just beyond our imagination. our hearts were filled with divine peace which no one else could give. I desire that many more people join the "Jesus Calls" Team and participate in the World Prayer Convention; visit the holy places of the Bible to experience miracles and blessings in their lives. Undoubtedly, I wish and Pray every day to join in this upcoming World Prayer Convention in 2019 with my family again.

- Lily Rose Joseph,Chennai

Get ready for more adventure

Don't miss out in this great opportunity, to be part of this revitalizating, energising and refreshing moment of -
• Prayer
• Soul stirring Worship
• Prophecy
• Gospel sharing

• Experiencing God's presence and power in visiting biblical significant places.
• Time of meeting, knowing and praying together with other christian bretheren to transform the world, and take back with you ever-cherishing and wonderful experiences, that you may never had before.