Dr. Paul Dhinakaran

Your Future Is Well Planned

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran
17 Jan
Most of the time, when we don’t understand God’s ways, in terms of situations we face; we get frustrated and start questioning God’s credibility. But God is willing to open our eyes, to see His will at work in our lives. How does God open our eyes? He opens our eyes through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness to know the will of God. You should not worry about your future, for God promises to give a future and a hope. When you trust the Lord and believe in His promises, you will not be anxious about your future. In fact, you will rejoice and thank the Lord for His Will for your life.

There was a mother and daughter living in a house. The mother used to do embroidery work on clothes. One day, while doing embroidery, the daughter came to her mother and said, “Mom what are you doing? You are wasting time with different colours of threads on these clothes.” The mother showed the reverse side of the embroidery work to her daughter. The threads were tied in knots in a haphazard way; but, on the front side there was this beautiful embroidery “God is Love.”

Life is like embroidery. God is knitting it. Every day, you face some sort of challenge that may be either small or big. Discouragements, depressions, frustrations and loneliness look like knots on the reverse side. They put your faith to test. You may even ask God, “God, what are you doing with my life? I am sinking…I am stinking…I am messy!” Wait and see. Simultaneously, on the invisible side of your life, a beautiful design is being formed. God has good thoughts about you to give a future and a hope. Hold on to your faith. Soon, you will find meaning and beauty in your life. 
Loving heavenly Father, I have messed up my life and that of others too. I do not know how to remove these tangles. I submit every thread of my life into Your beautiful hands. I wait to see the beautiful design You will make out of my life. 

In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen

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