Paul Dhinakaran

Remembering God At All Times

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran
13 May
The time and age we’re living in, is offering us everything of superior quality but sadly, it’s all transient. And the world is mesmerizing the youngster’s today, so much so that, they’re ignorant to their parent’s advice, disrespectful to their elders and praying to God is not their priority. The Bible very categorically says, in Ecclesiastes 12:1, “Remember your Creator in the days of your youth”. So, here’s a call for all you dear young people; Just remember His word, Follow Him and your life will never be the same!

There was a young girl, born and raised in a family which had an unwavering faith in the Lord. They were regular in their daily morning and evening prayers, seeking God’s abundant blessings. Ironically, this young girl hated prayers. She was far from the Lord, not having even an iota of faith in prayers.On knowing this, the mother with great love and affection cautioned her saying, “ When I began my married life, I faced some difficult situations. But that didn’t stop us from praying. We placed a firm faith in the Lord. And God took charge of our family and started guiding us and blessing us. If you disregard Him, He will withdraw Himself from you”. The young girl turned a deaf ear to her mother’s advice. Alas! She chose to leave her own house but stay at her friend’s place. Unlike the prodigal son, who ultimately returned home; her mind didn’t allow her to go back home. In the end, her life became miserable and was ruined to the core.
My dear young friends, you need to be very cautious in your life; obeying the Word and trusting the Lord at all times. You may have your own dreams and desires and wish to pursue it; by all means. But don’t let the enemy- devil- dominate your life. The Bible reminds us, that, “You are not your own;  you were bought at a price” (1 Corinthians 6:19,20). And that ‘price’ is the ‘Spotless’, ‘Holy’ and the ‘Precious’ blood of Christ. Owing to your dire circumstances or peer pressure, you wish to earn a lot in a very short period of time. This leaves you tirelessly running helter-skelter and getting weary soon. You should not forget that,God is watching you and He alone is maneuvering your life. Nothing happens to you by luck or chance, but as only God has planned for you.So, if you get caught up in a storm, don’t wrestle with it, rather call unto Jesus and He will rescue you and restore you and bless you with all the good things in life, “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows” (James 1:17).

Be encouraged today! Allow God to work in your life and you will experience the steadfast love of God Almighty.
Heavenly Father, I thank you for your precious and powerful Word. Forgive me for having myself drawn to the worldly pleasures. Correct me in just measures and accept me as your child.

In Jesus name, I pray.


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