Stella dhinakaran

Receiving the Power of God

Sis. Stella Dhinakaran
05 Feb
All are likely to become “weak” or “dejected” at some point of time in their lives. Many people, when they reach the peak of their desperation, even contemplate to end their lives. But if only such people would look up to the Lord Jesus Christ who has the power to give them strength and set them free even at that time and pray to Him, He would surely give them power and increase their strength.  We read in Isaiah 12:2 that “The Lord gives me power and strength; He is my Saviour.” When we accept the Lord as our personal Saviour, His joy will be our strength.  

Though the head of a family worked very hard, he could not get any promotion. So, he had to struggle very much to maintain his family expenses with his insufficient income. One day, he was sitting alone in his home feeling very desperate and dejected. At that time, a man passing by his house was carrying a small transistor radio in his hand. The Tamil song, “The Lord will wipe away your tears and guard you like the apple of His eye” was being aired at that time. So, he called that man and made him sit next to him and heard that whole song which was followed by a message by Bro. Dhinakaran. His words gave much comfort and consolation to his broken heart and the man with the radio also explained to him how he too had received the love of God in his life. This immediately inspired the head of the family to surrender his life to the Lord. He received the power and strength of God and his desperate situation changed and he was blessed by the Lord.
Scripture to Life:

Yes my dear children of God, as you seek the presence of God, the Holy Spirit will fill you and you will receive the Power of God that strengthens your body and soul.   God’s power is available to us because of his Holy Spirit in us. The power that we posses is dependent on our food, nutrients and our physique but the power of Holy Spirit comes to those who ask the Lord for the infilling of His spirit. “Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit.” (John 3:6). It is the Holy Spirit’s power that is at work in us that enables us to live differently and to make changes in our lives. That is why the bible urges us to “Seek the LORD and his strength; seek his presence continually!” (1 Chronicles 16:11). Let us be steadfast in seeking the Lord and His presence and we shall see the glory of God.  
Loving Father, You are my strength. I too love You like David did. Grant me Your divine grace so that I can hold fast to You without giving place for any worries. Abide with me in times of crisis and fill me with Your divine power. In the mighty name of our Lord Jesus I pray, O Father,

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