Dr. Paul Dhinakaran

Enlarged Borders

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran
08 Oct
The word of God for you on this wonderful day is, “For I will cast out the nations before you and enlarge your borders…” (Exodus 34:24). One day a young widow met my father and told amidst sobs, “Brother! I expected my relatives would encourage and comfort me. However, a few years after my husband passed away, I participated in a wedding reception. The people gathered there pierced and broke my heart. When I was about to fondle a new born babe of one of my relative, an old woman rushed saying, ‘Don’t give the child to her. She is an unfortunate woman who has lost her husband at a very young age. If she were to carry the child in her arms it might get affected. Don’t give the child to her!’ Brother! She just crushed my heart. I have nowhere to go. Nobody wants to be connected with me. I am an unfortunate woman.” She wept profusely.

Perhaps you are unable to go to school or college on account of your failure in studies. It could be that you are unable to walk in the streets fearing your creditors who question, ‘when will you pay the money?’ Or it may be that you are fed up of visiting the hospital being concerned over taking care of the members of your family. It is to you that God says, ‘I will drive away the problems that you are facing and I will enlarge your borders.’ Therefore, be of good cheer! All that you ought to do is to believe that this is God’s plan for you and that God will exalt you exactly in the same place where you had been put to shame. You will move about with your head lifted high. God will honour you. He will enable you to rank first in your class and do well in your studies. He will bless you with a good job if you are yearning for it and bestow honour upon you in your place of work. You will be honoured in your family as well. God will grant you robust health and above all He will fill you with His presence. The whole world will honour you. 
Such is the blessing that our loving Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ desires to give you. Fear not! It is to prosper your soul that Jesus Christ died on the cross at Calvary. He was nailed on the cross that He could not move anywhere. His head which should be crowned in glory bore a crown of thorns. He traversed through the path of shame. The Almighty God hung naked on the cross for our sake. Jesus Christ knows our agony. He will never allow His children to be put to shame. 

It is because Jesus suffered and died on the cross that He is able to wipe away the tears and fears of mankind. Jesus Christ alone has the authority to wipe away the tears from the face of anyone on this earth. When you honour Jesus Christ, He will honour you with a crown of glory, good health, garments of praise and honour, degrees of honour and a family to love you. He will not leave you in loneliness. Be of good cheer! God will enlarge your borders.
Almighty God, 
I thank you for talking to me from Your Word and speaking personally to my heart by Your Holy Spirit. Lord I know that I have grieved You many times, specially when You wanted to commune with me, but I did not have time for You. I wish to refresh my love today and ignite the same passion as I had in the beginning. Please help and bless me. I believe that You will enlarge my borders and fill it with Your divine peace. In the matchless name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ I pray.

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